Ladik, Dosemealti - Antalya


Ladik is a town located north of Konya in the hearth of Anatolia. The main sources of income in this area are animal husbandry, agriculture and carpet production. Konya and Ladik are the oldest carpet making centers in Turkey. Even during the 15th center the art of carpet weaving flourished in Konya because it was the capital of the Seljuk Empire and a very important communication and political center. There are many notable at works a Konya and perhaps the most famous in the Green Mosque.

Ladik Wool Carpet from Arabia, Iran and other countries many artists came to Konya to practice their crafts. The surviving carpets of this era offer ample evidence of the Turkish character. During this same period carpet weaving skills pried from Konya to other parts of Anatolia. The colors in Ladik carpets are very vivid and well matched. After Kula carpets, Ladik carpets, with their 250,000 knots per square meter, are considered just as fine.

Dosemealti - Antalya.
Yoruk's semi-nomadic tribes who leave near the ocean on the warm plains during the winter months make these carpets. The villages are around Antalya, on the Mediterranean cost, are the main producing centers of this type of carpets are made with wool and dyes produced by the nomads themselves. The predominant colors are always bright red and dark blue, with a smaller amount of white. Distinctive patterns in the borders are the sheep's eye and knife tip and the "hands on hips" motif, an age old symbol denoting female fertility which dates back to the time when the tribes worshipped madder goddesses

The field are usually are taken up by a large red double midrib, edged in ram's horn motif. Often the shape of the double mihrap is cut into by two triangles on either side. Ears of grain representing fertility and carnations are frequently seen. If there is a tree of life it's generally made up of carnations, "the flowers of the people". Some times one can see a strange motif, a stylized representation of the human figure, which is used to guard against evil. The number of knots in these carpets is equal to 160,000 knots per square meter.